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When you’re a Christian and you want to be in a relationship, not only do you have to consider whether you’re attracted to the other person and have some things in common, but you also have to consider if you’re spiritually compatible with that person. Don’t fool yourself into thinking spiritual compatibility is low on the totem pole and if you can find it great, but if not, no biggie. If you’re a Christian, spiritual compatibility should never be marginalized. This is the story of a Christian woman that met a man that did not yet have a relationship with God. He vowed to renounce his old lifestyle and commit to God so he could start a new life with her. But is he really the man he portrays himself to be?
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Hello, my name is Cheryl Wilson-Harris. I’m a faith-based author, Certified Christian relationship coach and speaker. Welcome to my website.
Every time God drops content for a new book in my spirit I get excited. I always know two things about the revelations God gives me for my books, I know it’s going to be juicy and I know it’s going to help somebody besides me. If I may, I’d like to just get right to the point. How many of you have had a relationship in your past that has thrown you for a loop and knocked you off course? It can happen so quickly. You were doing so good with your walk with God. You were praying every night, going to church, reading your bible and then here he comes! But wait a minute…the man you had been praying to meet starts putting you through all kinds of changes. You didn’t pray for that!!
After going through things you never bargained for, have you ever asked yourself “how in the world did I get here?” Well, I sure have. I know how hard it can be on your emotions once you’re caught up in a relationship that you know isn’t good for you, yet you’re drawn to that person like white on rice. Sometimes a relationship that is toxic is also addictive. If you’re thinking clearly, the best remedy is not to let something start when you know there’s a high probability that it won’t end well, but more often than not, if your feelings are involved you’re often not thinking clearly and that’s when you become vulnerable and allow yourself to go down that road anyway.
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7 Effective Steps To Get
Your Prayers Answered Quickly
Is there something you’ve been praying about and waiting for God to do for you for a long time? Some of you have been waiting so long you might even be thinking it must not be God’s will for you to have what you’re praying for.
It may not be your prayer, it might be your prayer process that’s the problem.
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