What are readers telling Cheryl about "Can You Stop The Rain?

I truly am blessed by your words. I too have experienced the same exact situation. To a point where I started to tap into writing poetry. I have been in the church all my life, but once I developed that on-on-one relationship with Christ and being single in the church, I realized you have to develop self-worth. I am not yet married but it is my desire. Thanks so much for allowing God to bless you to bless me.

Tracee’ Monroe; Richmond, Virginia

I really enjoyed the book. It proves and shows that God is still in the blessing business and that even though sometimes we are disobedient, he’s still standing with his arms open ready and waiting to forgive. We can still overcome with him on our side. Even though you went through trials and tribulation you were still blessed with a loving God-fearing husband. If I wait on God, in return I too can and will have a God-fearing husband.

Serita Harris; Richmond, Virginia


I would like to say “thank-you” for writing this inspirational book. I love to read books, but this book touched me so deep in my soul. I felt like this book was written for me. I don’t know much about the bible, but I always wanted to learn. But the way you  broke it down in your book it has given me purpose to learn more about the bible. I want to say thanks for breaking verses of the bible down to understanding the purpose of being a God-fearing women. “Great Book.”

Michelle Crutchfield; Richmond, Virginia


I have only had a chance to read a little bit of this book but I will read more. But I can say when I started, it was truly a blessing. Please keep doing God’s work because I know it has blessed me and I know anyone else who reads it will say the same. Be blessed. Thank-you.

Phyllis Pettaway; Richmond, Virginia

I recently had the good fortune of reading your book “Can You Stop the Rain?” It was well written and contained much wisdom & experience on relationships. In fact, I can relate to your blog on your website; in particular, the passage about the woman who’s crossing the parking lot with a small child tugging on her hand going into the grocery store…what’s her story? That lady would be me…, through life’s journey I had three miscarriages all at five months or so; but through the power of prayer and late night talks with GOD, I realized that I had to wait on the WILL of God; to get the Blessings that HE had in store for me. I needed his strength & help; so I let go & rested in HIM, my refuge! “Be still & know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10 with that being said; he blessed me with two handsome, healthy, perfect baby boys. Nevertheless, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to tell your story; because it’s not only a healing therapy for you, but it lets other women see that they are not alone in these types of relationships. However, as a Christian wife, you viewed your relationship with your husband as being the most intimate of all human relationships, a gift from GOD, and a sacred institution. Again, I commend you for telling your story because through life experiences there is something in your book that all women & men can relate to or identify with, but most of all, I commend you because after the storm you demonstrated the power of forgiveness…..GOD BLESS!

Rhonda Woodson; Richmond, Virginia

Book Endorsements

Cheryl Wilson-Harris is transparent and relevant as she shares the wisdom of knowing the Word of God, hearing the heart of God, and obeying the voice of God. She shares wisdom for how to react and apply the Word of God in all our decisions, particularly in the emotionally deceptive matters of the heart.

Elder Francine Gomillion, 

Pastoral Assistant to Bishop Nathaniel Gomillion, 

Tabernacle of Praise FGBC


Cheryl Wilson-Harris shares a gripping, heart-wrenching, honest story of pain followed by God’s triumphant healing. It is highly recommended for all women and men of faith, as Minister Cheryl speaks to situations too common in this day.

Apostle Joseph Ellis Taylor, Presiding Prelate, 

Faith Fellowship Ministries International


All I can say is WOW AND WOW! The book is compelling, exciting and a must read for all single Christian women!

Brenda Smith



In the several years that I have known Cheryl, she has always had encouraging words of wisdom about life and relationships. It is always refreshing to have someone be open and candid about relationship challenges so that others can learn from them. “Can You Stop The Rain’ is a strong story with relatable content. Women waiting for their mates will find this book to be honest and helpful in making relationship decisions. We can all walk away with valuable lessons in faith and waiting on God.

-Tammy Hargrove, Professional Makeup Artist