I attended the Merge Symposium in Baltimore Maryland on Saturday August 1st. This is a event where movers and shakers in the entertainment industry come together with the faith-based community and talk about how Christians can successfully transition into a career in entertainment. I was at the merge symposium because I want to connect with a producer that is looking for a story like mine and would be interested in partnering with me to bring my book “Can You Stop The Rain?” to the big screen. Anyone who has read this book understands that it could easily be a movie. Enjoy the pictures from the Merge Symposium Baltimore. I had a wonderful time learning, getting information and making connections that will help me do amazing things with my book in the future in terms of getting it to the big screen. My new catch phrase is: When God is in it I can’t help but to win it.

I met entertainment producer Devon Franklin

Actress Lisa Raye McCoy, Jamal Bryant and other actors and executives

Actors, Actresses, Network executives and Producers

Executives and talent agents from BET, The CW and Releve’ Networks

Actor Harry Lennix from the Blacklist with talent agent

Roland Martin taking a selfie

DeVon Franklin delivers a powerful word about merging faith and entertainment.