One thing that has become abundantly clear to me over the years is that relationships are hard work. Even when a couple looks like they are so in love and they have it all together, I assure you it’s not easy and they don’t always have it all together no matter how it looks from the outside looking in. I want to share my experiences with my readers be they good, bad or indifferent if it helps someone else cope with their experiences. I will continue to develop a variety of novels and e-books that tell interesting stories about how couples work their way through everyday issues and unique challenges. My books will focus on the things that challenge relationships the most while conveying the fact that your biggest obstacles will often be a springboard to your greatest triumphs. Once you are in the lowest place you can be, there is nowhere to go but up. As an author and certified relationship coach with a heart for couples, I want to help those who are at the lowest place they can be in their relationships begin to find a way back up. If you’re single, I hope my books will help you get your heart and mind ready for that man or woman you’ve been praying for God to bless you with.

Although a novel about the complexities of relationships is my true calling, I don’t mind taking diversions if it’s God-inspired. I took such a diversion in 2003 when I released a little poetic book entitled “Through the Eyes of a Servant.” This book was not a part of my plans, but from the moment these poetic pieces began to flow out of my spirit like water, I knew they were not just for me. As people began to read this book I got so many comments from women and men alike that said it touched them and offered them insight and comfort. This book addresses (in poetic form) issues of personal faith and spiritual challenges as it articulates the very essence of why we are here and what our lives really mean to God. This little book will help you continue to hold on to your faith in the most difficult of situations and encourages believers to keep trusting God for the desires of their heart. I found it to be an excellent little book to read during your personal time you set aside for God.

Through the eyes of a servant book cover

This book was printed in 2001 by Morris Publishing. It was published by Cheryl Harris publications.
The ISBN is 0-9717795-0-3